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Black Labdanum

PACIFIC GALE - Eucalyptus, Algae, Pacific Rainforest

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Eucalyptus / Salty Ocean Air / Algae / Rainforest.

Supporting notes: Amber, Fennel, Light Musks. “Pacific Rainforest” accord was created using a variety of essential oils, including Thuja Plicata (Western Red Cedar), Atlantic Cedar, Douglas Fir, Balsam Fir, Pine Needle.

Every November, here in the Pacific Northwest, we experience strong wind gusts coming from the shores. Sometimes they bring heavy rains, even snow.
The windstorms anchor the boats and bend the trees, covering the roads with wet pine mulch and limbs.
Native tribes of the Olympic Peninsula depict these windstorms as the legendary Thunderbird - a giant bird with “wings twice as long as a war canoe”.

Ocean briny, piney, ambery, calming and refreshing scent for any season.

Projection strength: moderate to strong.

○ All our candles contain natural essential oils and absolutes, and high quality perfumery-grade materials

○ Handcrafted in small batches in Washington, U.S. with FDA approved coconut & soy wax blend

○ 13 oz (45+ hrs burn time), glass container, wood lid

○ Dual cotton wick