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Black Labdanum

Halloween Orange Candle Trio - TRICKSTER, WILTED & WITHERED, BAT CAFÉ | Pumpkin Spice, Sweet

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The Halloween Orange Candle Collection (3 x 13 oz):


An Interpretation of the seasonal classic - Pumpkin Spice, to really put you in a fall mood. With a little sparkle and tingle of natural Pink Pepper and earthy, bold, leathery Turmeric essential oil

Sweet, rich and warming ( and a bit mysterious).


Wilted Roses, a pinch of seasonal Cinnamon, and hot, dark chocolate Mocha. It is sweet and a bit melancholic, suited for long cozy nights around Halloween.


Cinnamon Spice, Sweet Maple Syrup, Nutty Pistachio - smells like freshly baked pastry oozing with syrup. Plus some dry woody Cedar and a drop of California Lemon to balance off the sweetness - a real Halloween treat

Our collection features three candles designed to work harmoniously and provide even more intense fragrant ambiance when lit together (you can mix and match!)

  • All our candles contain natural essential oils and absolutes, and high quality perfumery-grade materials
  • Handcrafted in small batches in Washington, U.S. with FDA approved coconut & soy wax blend
  • 13 oz (45 hrs burn time), glass container, wood lid
  • Softly crackling wood wick