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Black Labdanum

SCORPIO SEASON Scented Candle - Choya Raal, Artemisia, Oppoponax

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Created to celebrate the month of November and the glorious Scorpio season, this balsamic, bitter, smoky, yet pleasantly fragrant and evocative candle is a close relative of our best seller - Pandemonium.

Passion, ambition and magnetism define Scorpio’s personality. They can be sweet, at times. Don’t try to mistreat them though - their venomous bite is deadly!

Main notes: Smoky Choya Raal, Bitter Artemisia Absinthum, Sweet Balsamic Oppoponax Supporting notes: Geranium, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Tarragon, Cedarwood Virginia, Tonquitone Musk, Civet.

Seductive, bittersweet, potent.

Projection strength: moderate to strong.