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Black Labdanum

White Candle Trio: LOVE SIGIL, ENCHANTED, DAYS OF BLOOM | Floral, Fresh, Sweet

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The White Candle Collection (3 x 13 oz):


Fragrant Saffron | Sultry Scarlet Rose | Bittersweet Almond

Supporting notes: Black Tea, Siam Wood, Brandy

Intoxicating, refreshing, exhilarating scent


Gentle White Rose | Uplifting citrusy Bergamot | Subtle spicy Nutmeg

Supporting notes: Tonka Bean, Vetiver

Fresh and fragrant, mildly spicy, youthful energizing scent


Sweet and rosy Pink Peonies | Gentle touch of Honey | Elegant White Musk

Supporting notes: Rose, Green Tea, Anise, White Grapefruit

Radiant soft floral, musky, subtly sweet enlivening scent

Our collection features three candles designed to work harmoniously and provide even more intense fragrant ambiance when lit together (you can mix and match!)

  • All our candles contain natural essential oils and absolutes, and high quality perfumery-grade materials
  • Handcrafted in small batches in Washington, U.S. with FDA approved coconut & soy wax blend
  • 13 oz (45 hrs burn time), glass container, wood lid
  • Softly crackling wood wick