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Black Labdanum

WINTER HALO Winter Scented Candle - Aromatic Cardamom, Blue Cypress, Celestial Musks

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Winter Scented Candle: Cardamom / Blue Cypress / Celestial Musk

Supporting Notes: Sandalwood, Silver Fir. “Celestial Musk” accord was created with various light musks and a light touch of aldehydes.

Moon ring, a winter halo, ice-crystal halo, or a 22-degree halo - all those names depict a phenomenon of ice crystals suspended in thin cirrus clouds refracting the moon light and forming a perfect circle. It’s a magical winter night view - when you look up above the snow covered pines sparkling under the moonlight, and see the celestial halo surrounding beautiful glowing moon. Last time we observed winter halo in Seattle was on the New Years eve of 2018 - what a remarkable way to enter the year it was.

This candle’s aroma is an impression of a quiet northern night and brilliant moonlit sky above evergreen trees. It is a cardamom forward smell that would be most appreciated by those who like the cooling, "non-spicy" aspect of this spice.

Soothing and uplifting, aromatic, light and diffusive.

Projection strength: moderate to strong.